Violine solo

Leslie Searle

Leslie Searle: One, Two, Three for You

für 1-3 Violinen und Gitarrenbegleitung (ad lib.). BU8108, BU8109, BU8110, mittel

in drei Bänden



Band 1 - Flötensolo
1. Big Day
2. Polka Della Rio
3. Island Dancer
4. Senior Moment
5. Five Lines
6. Havanna Holiday
7. Take A Look
8. Windmills
9. Soft Shadows
10. Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen
11. Light Moments
12. The Old House
13. Flying Around
14. Mosel Journey
15. Best Wishes

Band 2 - Flötenduette
When Will I See You Again?
Mixed Feelings
Swing In The Bars
Polka At The Woodside
Nashville Highway
Easy When You Know How
Vintage Point
Duet Duel
The Flying Carpet
Surf and Volley
Classical Beat
Swing Of Change
Ocean Stars
Tailor Maid

Band 3 - Flötentrios
All for One
A Taste of Jazz
Donau and Inn
Everything I Have
Junior Polka
Olympic Sprint
Slow Boat
Sad Story, Happy End
Riding High
Sea Changes
Skates in the States
Trio Grande
Tuesday Evening
Bow Out


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